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Management competence, in the age of knowledge worker


When we talk about competence, we almost always automatically think about technical or operational competence, how good people are at performing their jobs.  This is quite natural, as analyzing and improving competence is seen as a management responsibility, and therefore reflects on the people that are managed, i.e. people in the operational part of the organization.[1] Continue reading

The Plan-Do-Check-Act and PMBOK® Guide Process Groups


In today’s post, we will discuss an important concept that is at the heart of project management process and we will discuss its origin. It is recognized that the PMBOK® Guide (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge®), published by PMI, is quite popular and used globally. Many project management practitioners know its process groups by heart. On the other hands, not many know the origin, or the business model that led to the process groups, which is the P-D-C-A cycle. Continue reading