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How to control projects across the project life span? Part 3

Project control is vital for management of any projects. We learn to control against the plan but is there one plan on the project life span? If there is more than one plan, which plan do we control against?

Four Control Reference Points

In the previous articles we introduced the subject and discussed the first and second control reference points. Today we cover the third and fourth control reference points. Continue reading

How to control projects across the project life span? Part 2

Project control is an essential concept in project management, yet, some still do not do well, especially in organizations new to project management. Others – follow traditional project control concepts which might not be enough. In this series we address some of the gaps in practice.

Project Control

CAM2P™ Alternative Perspective

We believe that many organizations use one form or another of the concept that we present in this section, but possibly implicitly, not explicitly. Continue reading

How to manage projects | project management methodology | stage gates

This is the fifth article from our upcoming book. It is also part 3 of explaining the SUKAD Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects (CAM2P™) – focusing on the other of the elements. Continue reading