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Are there IT projects or construction projects?

Do you think there are IT Projects or Construction Projects? We will start with a statement that might shock some people, we do not think there are IT projects or construction projects. Switching the words, IT Projects do not exist, almost. Construction Projects do not exist, almost.

We are willing to bet that the majority of readers will be choking or laughing now, or think I have lost it. Maybe, but I think I am still sane so humor me. Continue reading

Can we use Agile “Methods” in construction project?

I have been reading some posts on Agile and its usage in construction and what a disaster.

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Are PMI certifications considered in the construction industry?

A recent post on ProjectManagement.com posed this question “PMI CERTIFICATION IN CONSTRUCTION IS IT A REQUIREMENT?” This topic has generated interesting discussion. To read the various views please visit the post.

What we share below is part of our views on the subject that we shared on the original post and including here; modified. Continue reading

Do you consider these factors on construction projects?

A few years back, a colleague sent me the following request:

“A friend of mine is studying MSc for Construction Project Management. As part of his dissertation, he wants to conduct a research to about —- Construction companies to find their maturity in project management.  He is thinking to use OPM3.

What would you advise him for the questions on the questionnaire? Continue reading

Is project management industry specific? (4/6 PM challenges)

This is the fourth, of six, articles on project management challenges. Article 1 discussed is project management simple, article 2 focused on is project management bureaucratic, and article 3 presented the view on one size fits all in project management environment.

In the last post we discuss the concept that project management cannot be one size fits all. In that post we talked about PMBOK and crossing domains. Today, we build on that challenge but with a shift in focus – the focus today is to advocate the need for industry specific knowledge base. Continue reading