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How is the PMBOK(r) Guide changing? Part 3

This will be a very short post and maybe more on the light side

Technically, in the new sixth edition of the PMBOK Guide, per the exposure draft, there are only four process groups not five.

Well – let us agree first on the definition of a group. Would you agree that a group of something (gadgets) means there is more than one gadget? At least two gadgets are necessary to form a group?

Do you agree?

If you agree – then back to PMBOK Guide.

The closing process groups consist currently of two processes (per the 5th edition). There is a close procurement process and close project or phase process. For some reason, the 6th edition combined these two processes. This subtle change results in having only ONE closing process. In that case – there closing process group consists of one process —– which means it is no longer a group.

Consequently, if the 6th edition kept this situation, then we will have four process groups and one closing process.

I hate to be an academic sometime – but unless for old-time sake we keep using the term “closing process group” then PMI needs to inform Webster or Oxford dictionary to change the definition of a “group” to means: a group is a collection of 2 or more ‘gadgets’ except for PMI it could be one. 🙂 🙂