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The shift from traditional management to project management


In the last article, we discussed the growth of project management as an emerging domain or profession. Today, we will shift to a discussion of traditional management and what led to professional project management. Continue reading

A challenge to PM professional associations, professionals, and executives

The Title

Why a “challenge to professional associations” in the title?

Because we want:

  • to challenge these professional associations, and
  • challenge the professionals in project management, and
  • challenge executives with roles influencing project management practices in their organizations … Continue reading

What are the common issues with the PMP certification?

In the last article we posted in response to a blog on “Take The PMP Exam Now Before It Gets Harder“ and we offered our professional opinion on what is wrong with such titles. Based on what triggered that article and other issues we observe, we decided to re-blog some old articles that we had published on project management certification, particularly, the PMP. We will also post on project management training providers and the “business” of not-for-profit.

Continue reading

Is project management certification valuable?


“Certification is a must!”

“Certification is valuable!”

“Certification nice but does not add significant value!”

“Eliminate the accidental project manager – certify them”

“Certification is required”

There are too many arguments and positions on the value of certifications so what is reality, if there is one? The reality is limited to one fact: there is no agreement on the value of certification; at least in the domain of project management. Continue reading

Hurry, the PMP exam is changing, again! Should you care?

It is time again, time to change the PMP exam.

It is time again, where organizations who thrive on exam preparation classes, to start intensifying their marketing. “Last chance”, “Hurry”, “the exam is changing so why wait”, and comments like this. This is an effort to drive business and we understand that.

Our post is for those who are considering the PMP, or CAPM, or any other certification for that matter. Should you care? Continue reading

PMP® certification – natural or manipulated growth?

This would be a very short article and specific to those who are interested in PMP certifications.

For those not familiar with ‘PMP” this refers to the Project Management Professional certification, one of the Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications. Continue reading