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Is PM certifications the only way to add value?

There is an interesting discussion going on ProjectManagement.com, under the title “How do you determine your next certification(s)?”. It is a good discussion and offers the perspective of many professionals. However, I am the only one who has suggested an alternative approach. Continue reading

Why some organizations do not follow proper PM Practices? مع تسجيل صوتي بالعربي

We often hear from practitioners and read on social media platforms that many organizations around the world, do not implement proper project management practices. Maybe the situation is different from one country to another, and one cannot generalize. However, the question is valid, why (some) organizations do not follow ‘proper’ project management practices? Continue reading

A personal post, Mounir Ajam Career Path

I hope this post will not be misunderstood and taken for what it is – sharing a personal career path that started in 1984 in engineering and shifted to project management in 1990 and continuing to today. This is a sample career path and we hope it will inspire others to lead.

النسخة العربية

English Version

How can we make training more applicable to learners?

It is common to hear the following comments in feedback to classes and workshops: “it would have been great to link the materials to our own internal way of doing things”. Another comments, “it would also be great if the examples and case studies are from our own work.”

We agree with both of the above comments – that would be ideal but ….

Continue reading

Redefining the Basics of Project Management – Radio Interview

Redefining the Basics of Project ManagementIn this post we are sharing a Radio interview conducted with yours truly for the show “Stu Taylor on Business”.

Stu Taylor is the host of a popular radio show syndicated in the United States – Money Matters Radio Network on WBNW, WPLM, WESO. It is also aired via streaming audio on www.MoneyMattersBoston.com. The show is also syndicated via iTunes and Toginet.com.

The interview is about the release of our new book, Redefining the Basics of Project Management, a book that integrates the Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™) and PMBOK® Guide. CAM2P™ is a project management methodological approach that we designed to supplement the PMI Framework.

Is the PMP = Project Management?

Today – I am a bit frustrated with the unethical behaviors from some organizations, especially not for profit organizations that promote certifications as the holy grail of project management and “without a PMP there is no project management“. Continue reading

To trust or not to trust: a PMP training provider case

In this article we discuss a situation that is somewhat representative of the project management training – in particular PMP training. This case reflects some of the bad situations out in the market but we must stress this is not about all providers. Like everything else in life there are good, bad, and ugly situations.

We wrote this article almost 2 years ago but we see the situations are still around so we publish again! Continue reading

Three reasons that explain the success of PMP

This is an article by a guest author! We publish here to allow a diversity of opinions and contributions from professionals around the world. Publishing an article – represent the opinion of the author and not necessarily SUKAD. In some cases we might even have a different view than the article published and in those cases we will publish our opinion as a comment.

I would like to show in this article some reasons, in my opinion, for which PMP is considered a world reference in project management. Continue reading

Project management questions to ponder about

Today we decided not to put an opinion or address a common pitfalls but raise many questions that have been often debated in online forums. We raise these questions for the reader to think about them and come up with their own conclusions and hope that you share your opinion to start a dialogue. Continue reading