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Project Life Cycle - Phases - Process Groups - Knowledge Areas

Do you manage or execute projects?

In this article we address a major gap in the practice of project management today! Our hypothesis is that this GAP is one of the leading factors contributing to project challenges and failures. This is a controversial topic since it touches on what project management professionals practice – based on their understanding of global standards, such as the PMBOK Guide or other know-how. Continue reading

Do you want to improve your success in delivering projects?

Are you a holder of the CAPM®, PMP®, or other certifications and still have some uncertainties about how to manage projects effectively? You are not alone! Many studies (Standish Group CHAOS Report, Independent Projects Analysis, Oxford Universities …) show that most projects still fail or are challenged. Despite the fact that IPMA, PMI, and other associations existed for about 50 years we still generate a high level of failed projects. Continue reading

Project Management Plan per PMBOK 5

Are the changes from PMBOK® 4 to PMBOK® 5 significant?

Please see the bottom of this article for an update


The PMBOK current edition was published a few months ago and we had written a few articles in relation to the change. This month, the PMP exam will change from using the PMBOK 4 (4th edition) to PMBOK 5 (5th edition) as the basis for the exam. With every change (once in 4 years typically people may panic, get excited, become curious … or whatever else they feel about the change. Some make the change sounds so significant with the “addition of 5 processes” and “new knowledge area” but is the change significant?

In this article, we will try to deflate some of the blown up rhetoric and say the change is mostly cosmetic, although there are a few interesting changes, with the value of the change debatable. Continue reading

Is project management certification valuable?


“Certification is a must!”

“Certification is valuable!”

“Certification nice but does not add significant value!”

“Eliminate the accidental project manager – certify them”

“Certification is required”

There are too many arguments and positions on the value of certifications so what is reality, if there is one? The reality is limited to one fact: there is no agreement on the value of certification; at least in the domain of project management. Continue reading

Hurry, the PMP exam is changing, again! Should you care?

It is time again, time to change the PMP exam.

It is time again, where organizations who thrive on exam preparation classes, to start intensifying their marketing. “Last chance”, “Hurry”, “the exam is changing so why wait”, and comments like this. This is an effort to drive business and we understand that.

Our post is for those who are considering the PMP, or CAPM, or any other certification for that matter. Should you care? Continue reading

PMP® certification – natural or manipulated growth?

This would be a very short article and specific to those who are interested in PMP certification. For those who are not familiar with “PMP,” this term refers to the Project Management Professional certification, one of the Project Management Institute (PMI) certifications. Continue reading