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How is the PMBOK Guide changing? Part 1


Over the years, the PMBOK Guide has the ANSI stamp on the cover, giving the impression that the whole guide is an ANSI Standard. However, inside the guide, one can find a mention that the ANSI Standard was part of Chapter 3 in the 3rd and 4th edition of the guide and an Annex in the 5th edition. Yet, people missed this point.

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CAM2P Project Life Cycle - 3 Levels

How to manage different types of projects?

We hope that our readers can understand and accept this commercial post. The vast majority of our posts are educational and offer learning in project management. On rare occasions, like this one, we publish a commercial post and we appreciate your understanding. Continue reading

How to manage for different project’s classification?

The world of project management is quite wide these days. There are projects in different types of organizations, from a variety of industries, and are of varying size or classification.

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How to transform the PMBOK® Guide?

Over the last twenty years, the PMBOK® Guide has been evolving with the growth of project management. The guide grew from nine knowledge areas to ten, from thirty-seven processes to forty-seven and from less than 200 pages to more than 600 pages.

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Are most projects single phase or multiple phases?

Are most projects single phase or multiple phases?

We ask this question because we often hear: “I am working on an IT project” or “I am working on a construction project”. Is there such thing? Continue reading

How many management plans on a project?

Now that we have been debating the questions on:

  1. Do the PMBOK® Guide process groups repeat or are they project phases? And
  2. How many charters are there on a project?

What do you think about the following?

How many management plans are there on a project?

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How many charters are there on a project?

Is there one charter on a project or more? Is there one management plan or more? What are the process groups and how are they different from project phases. Many questions related to the PMBOK® Guide.

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Integrating Project Life Span with Process Groups

How to manage large and complex projects?

Over the last few years, we have been publishing this blog site, e-books, and books. Some of the articles were from the books that we are publishing and vice versa.

Today, as we close on 200 articles (this is no 200) we want to share with you our latest book, it is CAM2P™ for Mega Projects.

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Repeating Process Groups on the Project Life Cycle

How to integrate process groups into a project life cycle?

We have often written articles about the project life cycle, the process groups, and how many people confuse the process groups thinking they are project phases. You can search our blog site for these post articles. Continue reading

New LinkedIn and Facebook pages for CAM2P™

If you have been following this blog site, you would have noticed that many of our articles are around CAM2P™ (The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™). This is the project management methodological approach that SUKAD developed in 2007.

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