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Is project management the missing link for entrepreneurship?

This is our third article on entrepreneurship!


There has been a great deal of emphasis on entrepreneurship and the need for more and more entrepreneurs in the region (West Asia and the Arab World) to help create jobs for the future of the region. There is also a lot of enthusiasm and encouragement for new entrepreneurs – but are we forgetting something? It is great to have the “spirit” but is spirit enough? Do our prospective entrepreneurs know to how to take their dreams from the idea into effective operation? Is business planning over emphasized or is it enough? Continue reading

One of the three almost devastating mistakes I made as an entrepreneur


As an entrepreneur, I have made many mistakes and I will write about them in due time. Out of the numerous mistakes I made, three in particular almost devastated the company I co-founded. Today we will talk about one of those mistakes.

The objective of this story is not Mounir but the decisions and lessons that we share that many entrepreneurs could be facing. Continue reading