How to take a sneak peek into a project management online programs?

This post is an indirect promotion of our project management online learning programs. Earlier in 2018 SUKAD launched the Quest to Mastering Project Management, PM Quest, which is a project management online program. The idea behind this program is to offer various online courses, learning adventures, from different school of thoughts. The adventures follow three vital concepts, which are (a) project-based learning (for some adventures), (b) applied project management, and (c) bite-size learning. In this post, we will share sneak peaks with a couple of those adventures.

The Quest to Mastering Project Management

The Six Themes of PM Quest

The first image here, shows the high-level vision for the PM Quest, the quest to mastering project management. It consists of six themes, and each theme focuses on an area of interest to us.

The early adventures

The next image shows the first four adventures that we launched.

The first one is mostly an orientation to the quest to mastering project management and the project management online program. The Overview is open for anyone to check it out at NO cost.

The second one is The Fundamentals and covers many of the confusing terms and gaps in practice. This adventure is free with the purchase of any other adventure, and for SUKAD existing clients.

The third is about an adaptive methodology and the fourth is specific to learning how to apply the PMBOK Guide in the Real World.

How to Apply the PMBOK Guide in the Real World

The fourth adventure listed above is about the PMBOK Guide but with a focus on how to apply its concepts in the real world. If you like to take a sneak peek into this course, you can access a few of the learning adventures by clicking here.

Further, via this link, you can access a short video where we discuss our approach in covering this course.

Project-Based Learning

Our best project management online program so far is the fifth adventure, which is not listed above. It is about learning the SUKAD CAMMP (The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects) and applied project management, through a project-based learning approach. This is a comprehensive program.

To take a sneak peek into this adventure, click here.

Are you interested in an extensive project management learning program, free?

If you are, click on the image below to read a past article, also read the two articles that follow it. We will provide information on how you can join an online learning and coaching program to help you learn how to lead a personal project. This program will not cost anything if you are willing to share your work with us.