Dear projects executives, how can we help you?

I am writing this post, including some personal background information. I write to the attention of senior executives in organizations that are leading large projects, capital projects, and mega projects. You are my audience if you are an executive in what we call project owner organization. These include government, semi-gov, and private. Your projects could be oil & gas, petrochemical, unities, transportation, power generation, solar projects, real estate development, or similar. Do you need to build your project management function?

Historical trend, outsourcing

Over the years, we know that many organizations had been outsourcing the development and management of the projects. One reason for the outsourcing is that these organizations have either NOT built a sustainable project management function in the organization, or over time have diluted or eliminated these internal functions. As a result, projects performance has suffered.

Owners do better

However, it is not all bad news. A good deal of research has shown that organizations that manage their projects directly do much better. They have a higher success rate than if they had outsourced the management of these projects. Which raise the question, are these organizations aware of this research results or not?

If they are not aware and now you know what do you think should be done?

If you are aware, then the question would be: why your organization has made a strategic decision, consciously or subconsciously, to outsource the development and management of your projects. These are the projects that are producing your assets and source of your revenues?

Personal history

Please allow me to share some personal history. You can skip to the end if you like.

First ten adult years

The first few years of my adult life, I spent them studying for my engineering degree, working in engineering-related positions, and closing the first decade with a Masters degree in engineering and construction management. That was 1990.

Next fifteen years, or so

For 15 years after my graduation, I had worked in the capital projects industries in various project management roles.

  • I have worked in the early stages of projects’ development and during the implementation of these projects.
  • I had roles in estimating, scheduling, project engineering, project control, project manager, consultant, among other roles.
  • During the same period, I also worked on small projects, multiple projects, capital projects, even three mega projects.
  • All of this period was working for project owners.
  • Further, about half of the time, I worked on cost plus, reimbursable cost projects, and the other half of fixed price projects.

The last ~ 14 years

The above experiences and learning from real projects gave me the knowledge, expertise, and courage to launch my project management services companies. During this period we have helped numerous clients in a vast region. We shared with their staff our knowledge and expertise.

In helping other learn, we continued to learn, research, develop new concept, blog, write, publish in our serach of excellence, innovation, and knowledge sharing.

Build your project management function

As we stated earlier, project owners that lead their own projects do better – have a higher success rate. However, they have not built their project management functions. Based on the research and our own experience, we strongly believe that PROJECT OWNERS should – must consider reversing the trend and build or re-build their organizations capacity to develop and lead projects from concept to closure. We believe it is a MUST to help these organizations significantly improve project performance and over time, dilute their over-dependence on contractors and project management consultant.

So what is in it for you?

What is in it for you?

As a result of the above, if you are an executive in any organization that is willing to consider what we are proposing, we are here to help. We can help via one of these routes:

  1. We can help in an advising capacity, as an Executive Project Management Advisor,
  2. SUKAD can be of service as an organizational consultant,
  3. I can help by joining your organization to help you start to build and sustain the project management function (notice, we are not saying PMO),
  4. We are even ready for one-on-one advisory, exploration session — FREE OF CHARGE!


If you are, reach out, we are only a phone call or email away.

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