Project management questions to ponder about

Today we decided not to put an opinion or address a common pitfalls but raise many questions that have been often debated in online forums. We raise these questions for the reader to think about them and come up with their own conclusions and hope that you share your opinion to start a dialogue.

PMI Effectiveness

It is highly acceptable to say that the Project Management Institute (PMI) is the largest and most widespread organization dealing with project management. In your opinion, is PMI highly effective in serving the domain of project management and its practitioners?

  • If Yes – how?
  • If No – why not?

PMP Certification Value – 1

It is also common to say that the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is the most widespread certification dealing with project management. In your opinion, is PMP (as a certification) a major contributor to organizational performance?

  • If Yes – how?
  • If No – why not?

PMP Certification Value – 2

Regardless of what you answered to the earlier question; is the PMP certification increasing or decreasing in value?

  • If increasing in value explain why
  • If decreasing in value explain why

PMP Certification Value – 3

Do you think the PMP certification (or at least exam) is directly or indirectly discriminatory? What we mean due to the exam design, structure, language, etc. it favors one global region or another?

  • If yes – explain
  • If no – explain

Exam Secrets – 1

Why in your opinion the exam passing score have become a secret?

  • Before 2005 it was about 68%
  • then it became 81 or 82% for a short time when the exam changed at the end of September 2005
  • Later it was dropped to about 61 or 62% … and … now
  • It has become a secret.

Why? What do you think the reasons for the secrecy?

Exam Secrets – 2

Why, in your opinion, the percent of people passing on the first, second, or third time is also a secret?

Exam Secrets – 3

As a follow-up to the previous question why in your opinion the percent of people passing is not shared by PMI for the different countries around the world?

A Request

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Regards and Appreciate your readership and contribution.

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