Do you need a methodology for managing projects?

Do you need a project management methodology for managing projects? Or, do you believe that existing standards, guides, and certifications are enough?

Guides are useful, but do they offer a project management methodology?

The #PMP is in high demand but is it enough to manage projects successfully?

We think that #certification is good and has value but not enough on its own.

PMBOK Guide and ISO 21500

The #PMBOK Guide and #ISO21500 provide us with good information but they also offer us a great advice, you need a #project_management #methodology to supplement these guides.

Project Management Methodology

Therefore, organizations and #project_managers need a #tailored #methodology. They can build their own from scratch; alternatively, here is what we recommend, #CAMMP.

CAMMP™ and the SUKAD Way™

CAMMP™ is a product of the #SUKADway and currently is updated to version 3.

CAMMP™ project life cycle, project management methodologyTo watch the Playlist on CAMMP™, please click here.

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