Applied project management and project-based learning (PM4Y-02)

Once again, how to apply project management in the real world? We will continue with PM4Youth and focus on applied project management, using a project-based learning approach. However, before we get into the case study (next post), we will share a quick lesson with my boys. The first lesson was to help my eldest son Sumer to plan the next stage of his University Project.

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LEAP | PM4Y | Project Management for Youth

Applied project management and project-based learning (PM4Y-01)

How to apply project management in the real world? Recently, we published an article on Can Project Management be Simplified …, and apparently, that article has been popular and well received. Therefore, it is time to build on that success and show that we practice what we preach! This article is the first of a series that we will be publishing over the next few weeks with a focus on PBL, APM, LLL, PM4Y (PM4Youth), and CAMMP™. What do all of these acronyms mean and how are they related? Well, we can start with a hint, they are about applied project management and project-based learning with a focus on project management for youth.

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Special Message: The Quest to Mastering Project Management 2

The Quest to Mastering Project Management is an online learning program. We wrote our first special message a few days ago and today we will be sharing a few videos about the program.

Why the PM Quest?

What, why, where … of the PM Quest

What is unique about the Quest to Mastering Project Management?

Announcement for the first course, The Fundamentals

Announcement for the second course, Adaptive Methodology

Closing Remarks

How to join the PM Quest? Visit and enjoy the learning.

Can project management be simplified, especially for small-simple projects?

Subscribe TodayA common question that comes to mind is the following: Can project management be simplified, especially for small-simple projects? One of the reasons we hear this type of comments is because, often enough, those asking the question are introduced to project management via certification courses. Their project management training can be a course to help them prepare for an exam that they will never take nor do they need. Continue reading

Special Message: The Quest to Mastering Project Management

This post is an announcement for a new program that SUKAD is launching globally. It is a project management-online-applied learning program. The program is The Quest to Mastering Project Management. Our aim is to use the PM Quest as the platform to help you learn how to master project management. Who are you? Any professional, manager, project manager, PMO manager or director, and even youth.

Why the Quest to Mastering Project Management?

In order not to repeat, we advise you to refer to this recent article.

Mastering Project Management – a Program

After more than one year of thinking about this, we decided to have an online program as one of our four major 2018 goals. Therefore, in January, we started to explore the idea further. Then in February, we moved from thinking to doing. We started to formally work on the program, as a formal program (in the project management context. In the project management context, a program consists of various projects related to a common business objective. We will be publishing a book or e-books about this program and some of its projects.

Consequently, we launched the online program. The program title is The Quest to Mastering Project Management. The initial projects in the program include a Program Setup Project and three Learning Projects. Keep in mind, each online course is treated as a project in the program. We even created a logo for the program, as you can see below.PM Quest Logo | The Quest to Mastering Project Management

What does the PM Quest offer so far?

From February to today (6 May 2018), the following are what we have accomplished so far:

The Overview

The Overview of Mastering Project ManagementWe released the Overview, which explains the structure and the vision for the PM Quest. You can access this Overview, for free, here

Technically, the Overview is not a course, it is a short orientation.

Further, the following image shows the hierarchy of the PM Quest, per the current vision.

PM Quest | Mastering Project Management

The Fundamentals

There are many confusions in the project management world where practitioners often have a different understanding of many of the key terms. Therefore, it is necessary to have a common ground where we help practitioners learn the terminology. Of course, our definitions are not a global standard but they will be the standard for the PM Quest courses.

Project Management Fundamentals | PM Quest

The Fundamentals to Mastering Project Management also provide insight on the major confusions and gaps in practice and suggest solutions. You can access The Fundamentals free via this link Hurry, the free offer is expiring on 10 May 2018.

After May 10, The Overview and The Fundamentals will remain free on the PM Quest Site with the paid enrollment of any other course.

Adaptive Methods

The PM Quest consists of six themes and Theme 1 focuses on Applied Project Management. Since our goal is to have the quest as a pioneering and unique program, it would be guided by the PM Coach, yours truly Mounir A. Ajam. Most of the courses (or what we like to call as adventures) will be interactive where YOU, the learner, will be able to engage with the PM Quest Community and the PM Coach.

With the above message as the spirit and the core value for the PM Quest, the next adventure, which we released a couple of days ago is Learning an Adaptive Methodology for Managing Projects. You can access this adventure via During May 2018, learners can buy this course for 75% discount, or US$ 56. Share this post and tag us by 10 May 2018 and you could win a free enrollment – two tickets available.

What is next?

We will offer a different perspective on the PMBOK Guide, with an emphasis on applying the guide on real-world projects; instead of a focus on ITTOPMP certification, or a copy-paste job.

Speaking of PM Certifications

We believe there is an overemphasis on project management certifications. We realize the PMP Craze. However, we also believe that certifications and the PMP are not the only way to add value to our careers, organizations, and nations. Therefore, when we established the vision for the Quest to Mastering Project Management, we are not ignoring certifications but we did not make a core focus. Even more, it is a fraction of the program as you can see in the next image. Consequently, the certification courses are the red oval in the middle left of this image.

PM Certifications in the PM Quest

Closing Comments

If you are in project management and wants to advance your career, what are you waiting for? The PM Quest is ready for those courageous souls who welcome the challenge of learning applied project management. It is for those who are open to breaking away from a common path. The quest is for those who realize popularity is not necessarily an indication of great learning.

Then, are you one of those courageous souls? Are you interested in great project management learning, anywhere, anytime, and on any device? If you are, remember, your project management coach is a click away.

PM Quest | The Quest to Mastering Project Management | Themes

What are the project management fundamentals for mastering project management?

Mastering project management is not an easy task. Sure we can learn some concepts in a course or two. We can demonstrate knowledge by passing a certification exam. We can learn the theory by reading a book. However, to master a domain, like project management, requires significant effort, and time. Did we say time? The first step in mastering project management is to understand the project management fundamentals. The Fundamentals is the first essential adventure in the SUKAD PM Quest.

Project Management Fundamentals

Here are some questions:

  • Project Management Fundamentals | PM QuestCan a risk event be good?
  • Is it possible that a 5-star hotel is a ‘bad’ quality hotel?
  • Do we still use the term ‘task’ in project management and what does it mean?
  • Is the project manager a clerk or an executive – strategic leader?
  • How to differentiate between output and outcome?
  • Why “pre-project” is not part of the project life cycle?
  • What is a phase or a stage?
  • Are Oranges – orange or blue?

Many of these questions are fundamentals concepts that we must learn them before we can build the organization project management function or methodology.

Click on the Orange Picture to access the course.

Mastering Project Management

Notice we are using the verb form mastering and not ‘master’ because we do not know if anyone can truly master (all of) project management. I have MSc from a top university in project management and more than three decades of experience and I dare say that I have mastered project management. So why Mastering? Because mastery is an ongoing effort. We can Master a subject, a skill, or even more. This is why we are developing The Quest to Mastering Project Management, PM Quest, and with many themes. The various themes cater toward different interest and focus.The PM Quest | Mastering Project Management

Notice, the Fundamentals on top, which is not a theme, it is a prerequisite to all of the themes.

The PM Quest

The PM Quest that SUKAD is developing is a massive, comprehensive, practical online learning program. The Overview of the PM Quest is available today. The Overview should be your starting point. Next, you should complete the Fundamentals; both are open and free.

The following image shows the structure of the PM Quest.Mastering Project Management | PM Quest Structure

Since we are just starting this strategic program, the above image represents the vision. Many of the courses (adventures) are available on PowerPoint for a physical classroom setting. The challenge is to convert as many of them to fit the online environment. We aim to have a new course every few weeks. We released the Overview last week (mid-April 2018). Our team will be releasing The Fundamentals today or tomorrow at the latest (24 April 2018). We will release our next adventure by mid-May.

The following image presents the possible routes a learner can consider to build a learning path. The yellow path is our recommendation for the first path.

PM Quest | Mastering Project Management Learning Path 1

Project Management Coach, A Click Away

We want to hear your feedback, comments, suggestions, or even critique. You can email us at or join us on the various social media channels of SUKAD or even the dedicated groups that we set up for the PM Quest on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Remember, your project management coach, a click away.Your Project Management Coach a click away


The Quest to Mastering Project Management, PM Quest

Why the quest to mastering project management?

Today, many people are into project management since the project management skills are of great value regardless of industry or type of position a professional holds. Many consider project management learning via pursuing a professional certification or two. However, if you manage small and simple projects, maybe certification is an overkill. On the other hands, if you are involved in medium to large projects, with moderate or high complexity, then certifications might not be enough. Therefore, whether you are involved in small or large projects, simple or complex, you need to master what you do. This is one of leading reasons SUKAD is launching The Quest to Mastering Project Management. Continue reading

The PMP Craze; PMP Certification

PMP Certification and the PMP Craze

I had posted this article on my LinkedIn page days ago and apparently, it was well received, so I am sharing here. What is the PMP Craze and why I am calling the PMP certification a Craze?

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Debunking the myth of what is a project management methodology

This article is indirectly an announcement for a project management seminar that SUKAD will be hosting in Dubai on the 16th of April 2018, and likely to repeat in Abu Dhabi on 30 April 2018. The hot topic of the day is “Debunking the myth of what is a project management methodology.” Continue reading

How to achieve the PMP Certification and learn PM while at it?

PMP Certification

The PMP certification is highly popular and in demand. Therefore, it is natural that so many professionals want to achieve the PMP certification, whether they have project management experience or not. The challenge is that there are hundreds of groups on social media site and many of them are questionable in what they post, share, or advocate. Consequently, there is much misleading stuff out in the market that confuses the PMP aspirants. Further, the wrong advice often results in significantly increasing the PMP preparation time. Continue reading