Our newest book – Project Management Foundation

In this post, we would like to share with you the publishing of our book Project Management Foundation; this book is edition 2 of our original book (The Inheritance) but we are publishing this edition with a new title.

The book introduces The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™) using a story telling format.

Project Management Foundation


Alfonso Bucero

“Mr. Ajam describes project management in a natural way, as a mean of life, as an opportunity to learn, as a method to be used by beginners, students and project practitioners worldwide. He speaks from his heart in a lovely manner. I strongly believe that Mounir’s method telling stories is one of the best ways to learn project management. Great book, excellent story, and practical approach!

To read this book is a must for any project management believer. Simplified project management is approaching the project management reality today”

Alfonso Bucero, MSc, PMP

PMI Fellow

Co-author of “Project Sponsorship” and author of “Today is a Good Day”

Managing Partner: BUCERO PM Consulting


Iain Fraser

“The ancient art of storytelling is in danger of being lost due to the onslaught of technology. Storytelling allows for knowledge transfer in a manner that is vivid, real, passionate, deep and scalable. These attributes are captured in this book and should provide learning to readers in a manner that has high retention and a deeper understanding.”

Iain Fraser, PMP, PMI Fellow, Fellow PMINZ

PMI® Past Chair of the Board

Group Managing Director

Project Plus Ltd,


Luc Bauwmans

‘The Inheritance’ is a heart-warming, beautiful story. It talks about birth and death, love and friendship, family and generosity, and above all, transcendent humanity. The style is conducive to the effortlessness of the plot and for someone who has never visited Lebanon, some descriptive passages about the countryside between Beirut and Tripoli even conjure up images akin to the paintings of Monet.

This story and the way it is written set a perfect tone for a parallel exploration of a simplified way of managing projects. The book is about the dialogue between the events in the life of the brothers and their friends and the birth and growth of the community center. The bridge between them is project management.

A refreshing and thought stimulating exploration


Luc Bauwmans, M.Arch, PMP

Vice President SUKAD Group