Once again, are the process groups = project phases?

We realize that we discuss this topic often, and others do as well on various online platforms and social media sites. Yet, we continue to see PMPs, PMI Registered Education Providers (REP), “PMP Instructors” confuse this concept and think that the process groups are project phases.

Even when they say they are not the same, once we go into applying the concept, they fall into the trap of “Planning Phase” and “Execution Phase”.

If you search this blog site, you will find many articles that define the project life cycle, project phases, stages, and the process groups mentioned in ISO 21500 and PMBOK Guide. However, the problem continues.

So a couple of days ago we decided to record short videos on the topic in English and Arabic that are part of our video educational series.

This is the link to the English video

هذا الرابط الى الحلقة العربية

Process groups ARE NOT project phases