Is project management for technology and construction only?

Once the Human Resource manager for a client, a construction company, asked me “Mounir, I thought project management is only for construction but my friend is an HR manager in a jewelry company and she just attended the class your company did for them.” 

Her question reflects a common misunderstanding that has existed for years, which is project management is only engineering and construction (E&C). Maybe this was somewhat true long time ago.

In the middle of the last century, formal project management was mostly in (E&C) and defense industry. In the 1980’s and 1990’s project management skills became valuable in information technology (IT). However, in the last decade or two, project management has extended into non-traditional sectors and industries.

The following is an example of the types of organizations and functions that we have delivered project management training for.

  1. Airline pilots for a leading airline
  2. Healthcare administrators
  3. Doctors and lawyers
  4. Jewelry company
  5. Administrators for a nuclear regulators
  6. Engineers and constructors
  7. Government planners
  8. Not for profit organizations
  9. Diplomatic corps and students
  10. Technology and telecom
  11. Military maintenance
  12. Transportation (rail, airports, ports, and aviation)
  13. Logistic and supply chain
  14. Oil & gas and petrochemicals
  15. Hospitality
  16. Water and waste water
  17. Banks and financial institution
  18. Media and entertainment
  19. Education
  20. Manufacturing and production
  21. Utilities and infrastructure

Over the years we have had projects using our CAM2P Model, such as:

  1. Designing a wedding collection – jewelry
  2. Launching a new business or not for profit organization
  3. Building an agricultural farm
  4. Developing a software application
  5. Launching an academy
  6. Developing a masters degree program
  7. Establishing an organizational project management system
  8. Developing a new residential compound
  9. Developing a business website
  10. Developing a recruitment portal
  11. Conducting awareness campaigns
  12. The list can go on and on

Therefore, today, individual and organizations have been embracing project management and continue to do so as they recognize the value. Still a large number of interested parties are after certifications but more and more are asking for practical – real world – project management.

Happy learning!