How to transform the PMBOK® Guide?

Over the last twenty years, the PMBOK® Guide has been evolving with the growth of project management. The guide grew from nine knowledge areas to ten, from thirty-seven processes to forty-seven and from less than 200 pages to more than 600 pages.

During this period, PMI published numerous other standard documents, some as practice standards, others as supplements to the PMBOK® Guide, and a few publications covering advanced topics. These changes have impacted the guide.

On the other hands, we believe that the guide has gaps, inconsistencies, and areas for improvement. Over the last year or two, we have published numerous blog posts on topics related to the guide. It is now time to consolidate those articles and include additional work to write Transforming the PMBOK® Guide.

Transforming the PMBOK(r) GuideThis book is about transforming the PMBOK® Guide toward an applied approach to project management. It is our attempt to make it more understandable and practical, as we address the various challenges, myths, and other topics.

Some of the improvements that we suggest in the book are minor, others are major, and a few are significant in nature and may challenge the conventional wisdom for some project management practitioners.

For a limited time (until 15 September 2015) you can download a free copy of the draft, unedited copy of the book.


We welcome your feedback on the book – the good – the bad – and the ugly!