How is the PMBOK(r) Guide changing? Part 2

A few weeks ago, PMI had released the draft for the Project Management Standard that is published in the PMBOK Guide. At that time, we published a blog post on the main points with the updated – draft standard.

A week or so ago, PMI published the exposure draft for the guide part of the PMBOK Guide. The following are some of our earlier comments.

We believe there are some errors and inconsistencies and we have submitted our comments to PMI. Here are the points to highlights:

  1. As explained in the earlier post, time management knowledge area is now schedule management. Human resource management is now resource management; which align with ISO 21500.
  2. Estimate Activity Resources process, which used to be in the cost chapter in past editions; and in the time chapter for the last 2 or 3 editions; is now moved to the Resources chapter.
  3. Manage Knowledge is a new process that is part of integration as an executing process. When one review this process it is probably better placed in monitoring and controlling.
  4. The acquire project team process is now acquire resources, which align with the change of the knowledge area from HR to Resource Management.
  5. Also due to the change to Resource Management from HR, now there is a process for controlling resources; HR did not have a control process.
  6. Close procurement is no longer an independent process and is now merged with close project or phase. This is resulting in making the closing process group a single process, which is theoratically no longer a group but the guide is still using closing process group.

In this post, we are only highlighting the key changes without commenting on them.


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