How can you help organizations deliver products faster, cheaper, and better?

What we want is to help organizations maximize shareholders’ value. We can do so by enabling them to deliver their products and complete their projects faster, cheaper, better. The catalyst is the Uruk PPM Platform. Therefore, in this special message, we want to OFFER YOU the opportunity to be part of the Uruk PPM Platform, which uses CAMMP and the SUKAD Way. Consequently, the Uruk PPM Platform is how we plan to disrupt the project management state of practice, starting with enabling organizations to digitally transform their project management and product delivery systems!

Some Background

The following are mostly a repeat from previous posts. If you prefer to watch videos, go to the end of this post.

The Uruk PPM Platform

We have presented on the Uruk PPM Platform in more than one post in the past. The following are some references.

Uruk PPM Major Components

Project Management State of Practice

It is common knowledge that the project management state of practice is not great and we can benefit from improvement. Therefore, we think that the Uruk PPM Platform would be a great asset to facilitate organizational change and transformation. Further, Uruk PPM is a pioneering, comprehensive, and versatile cloud-based solution. Notice, we said a solution, not a software tool since Uruk PPM is based on the SUKAD Way knowledge foundation, which includes numerous tailored methods.

The Uruk PPM Platform, Tailored Methods

We need you, a special message

In line with the above, I am writing to you since I believe either you or your colleagues/friends might be interested in this project that we are working on at SUKAD Corp.

The core purpose of the Uruk PPM Platform is to help organizations minimize the rate of project failure and maximize their shareholders’ value. Further, we will use our groundbreaking Uruk PPM Platform as the starting point for an expedited and effective transformation.

I am so proud to lead a team with a combined experience of more than 90 years. We have proven success records in project management, software development, and system architecture. Finally, our experience is combined with our incredible knowhow and unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit, make us the perfect group to lead this company to victory.

Investment Opportunity

We have completed Round 1, which led to establishing SUKAD Corp in the United States and starting the development work. Round 1 was the family and friends rounds and supported our launch. Now we need to go to Round 2.

For this round, SUKAD Corp is seeking a total raise of $500,000 in equity. The funds will allow us to debut our MVP in the market. Also, to have it under evaluation and monitoring for about three months.

Therefore, we would truly appreciate it if you would be willing to explore the campaign page via this link:

I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail.

Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.


The Uruk PPM Platform, Functionalities

A few videos

The following are two related videos:

The first video is about 15 min that summarizes some of the key pitch points about investing in the Uruk PPM program.

The second video is about 30 min that provides more explanation than the previous one. It is also good to listen as you review the slides that we will also include here.

The following file is the presentation

Looking forward to hearing from you and your questions.

Once again, we invite you to explore the campaign page via this link: