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Does the PMP certification still has value?

Does the PMP certification still have value?

The PMP certification is a good certification and it is valuable but it is NOT the best certification in project management. Does the PMP certification still have value? Also, it is not the best route for organizations that want to enhance the performance of their projects. This is a view we have shared often.

Why the above opinion? Why do we think the PMP certification has lost some of its value?

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PMP Certification Value

Does the PMP Certification still have valueThe PMP certification is as we said: it is valuable but it is OVERSOLD.

In terms of marketing, and for individuals wanting something on their CVs, the PMP is the most recognized. Consequently, it is highly popular. However, popularity does not equal great value or quality.

McDonald, Burger King, and other fast-food chains are highly popular and profitable companies but that does not mean they make a great burger or even good burger. Some even consider them junk food. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where many consider the PMP as junk.

Why have we reached this status despite the popularity?

Of course, the above is our opinion, a critique.

How did we study for the PMP certification?

The PMP Certification from 1998In ancient time, when I did my PMP in 1998, it had significant value. It was tough to get, not many or almost no cookbooks at that time. when I approached PMI on how to prepare for the PMP certification they told me “you want the lite version or the full version?”

The lite version means 10 books and the full version 16 books. I got the full version and I read them all. However, a few years back I decided not to renew my PMP and technically now I am no longer a PMP.


PMP Certification a commodity?

Because today the PMP has become a commodity. Therefore, everyone wants it, even those with no project management experience. I know, I know that PMI mandates 4500 hours of experience in “leading and directing” project tasks, but are they really enforcing it?

Do not believe me, just next time you see someone posting on LinkedIn that they have achieved the PMP, look at their profile. Quite often you will notice that they might have worked on projects but in a technical role not project management role. These include designer, programmers, etc. So the pre-qualification is questionable, if not a joke.

PMP Cookbooks

Then here comes the exam cookbooks. I use this term because there are a few good resources out on the market but the majority are cookbooks. These cookbooks are often used (or maybe written) by people who know how to fry eggs but do not know how to make an omelet. I guess I am hungry this morning so forgive the food examples. I have seen many questions posted on social media and some of them make me wonder if the person writing those questions know how to spell project management.

The problem with the above, is that many professionals who are desperate for the PMP — AND — do not have proper experience in managing projects, try to get as many cookbooks as they can, especially if illegal copies are available online for free. I have read posts by people saying that they have done the exam practice from so many sources that I lost count. Some solving thousands of questions and taking many months and even a year or more. They think that solving questions is the way to learn PM and pass the PMP. Maybe that will help pass the PMP but learn PM? I do not think so.

What do you think?

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