Do you see a need to separate management planning from detailed planning?

We all know about project management plan. Those who study PMBOK(r) Guide know about the management plans (project or stage) consists of subsidiary plans for scope, cost, quality and all other topics.

Today’s topic is about seeking your opinion about planning processes. Are there one type of planning processes or two? What we mean, some processes might be high level focusing on management (again project or stage) and other processes are about the details to implement.

To clarify:

Schedule / Time Management is a plan – few plans or paragraphs about how the team will manage the project schedule. The items to be included can include – the level of details of the schedule, how often to update, who are the people who will do the work and who will approve or receive. Again, staying focused on management.

On the other hand, detailed planning for the same topic (time / schedule) will include developing the activities list, sequencing, building the schedule, critical path analysis, resource leveling, etc.

The same for cost, quality, scope, HR, communication, etc.

Your thoughts!less