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How to implement a project management organizational system – 1?


A few days ago, we published an article under the title “forget about building the PMO, build the project management (organizational) system” – let us abbreviate it as PMOS. In that article, we touched on our preferred approach, which is founded on three principles:

  1. Use a program management approach, in other words, treat the PMOS implementation initiative as a program rather than a project,
  2. Use an extended approach, meaning build the system over 1 to 3 years and not an intensive 3 to 6 months style,
  3. Follow the SUKAD Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™ model (The 7Es™).

The above is our suggested approach, which organizations can consider in full or in parts. In this article and the next few articles, we will expand on the above. Continue reading

Forget about building the PMO, build the project management system!

A large percent of organizations – at least in the “West” – have project management offices (PMO), so why are we saying “forget about building the PMO”? Well for once to grab your attention:).

The PMO PoliceOn a serious notes, some organizations that are implementing a PMO, they implement with it the project management system and this is good – we can learn from these organizations. On the other hand, some organizations implement a PMO – supposedly to improve project management in the organization – but what they end up implementing is a reporting (spy) agency or a police force. Continue reading

What are the basic PM mechanisms to implement projects in private sector?

I have recently been corresponding with a colleague on project management and how to apply project management in the not-for-profit / non-governmental-organizations (NGO) environment. This colleague is a professor of public administration in a North American university and has interested in NGO and whether NGO can enhance their effectiveness if they use proper project management practices.

Our correspondence led to two questions:

  1. What are the basic project management mechanisms to implement projects in the private sector? This is the topic of this article, and
  2. Focusing on the NGO sector, what project management mechanisms should be used? In other words, lets talk about the process of project development (from initiation through implementation to termination) … this would be a future article

Continue reading

How to build a sustainable project management system?


Over the last 2 to 3 weeks we have published 5 articles about project management, project management office, and failure in implementing project management. These five articles build on each others leading to this sixth article in the series. Continue reading