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Are you a pioneer who dares to BE A PART of building a great engine of project success?

Today’s post is direct. Today, we are not sharing knowledge about a relevant project management topic. Instead, we want to help in making project management a critical domain for ALL industries. Consequently, we are working to set project management skills essential for business success. We are learning to adjust in these challenging times with VUCA, COVID-19, and the pandemic-triggered recessions. We are trying to establish a New Normal or maybe a better future. Whether you work from home or work from anywhere, technology is vital. Further, projects are a must to grow the global economies, hence PMI usage of the term Project Economy. In summary, we believe project management is critical for success as we transition and transform. Today’s post is about the Uruk Platform, a project management software, cloud-based solution.

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How do we define a project management methodology?

Since 2007, we in SUKAD has been advocating the necessity for organizations to develop or adopt a project management methodological approach. A project management methodology that is an essential component of the organizational project management system. Further, we often hear about predictive versus adaptive project management methods. We read the debates on Waterfall versus Agile. Some practitioners debate these topics, and Agilists promote that Agile is better than waterfall. However, these professionals do not recognize that neither Agile nor Waterfall are project management methodologies. Therefore, a set of relevant questions we often here is

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How to start a project in the Uruk Platform?

We posted an image on LinkedIn with a short post, but we think it led to some confusion. We will reshare the image later in this post and explain the steps of how to start a project on the Uruk Platform. Some of you might have heard about this cloud-based solution that SUKAD Corp is developing, using the SUKAD Way Project Management Framework.

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