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Which is correct PMBOK or PMBOK Guide?

We often see posts, even from PMI chapters and Registered Education Providers that use the term PMBOK, instead of PMBOK Guide.

Is there a difference and if yes, what is the difference?

Think about it then listen to our video.

Where is the beef (in the context of the PMBOK Guide)?

Here we go again, the craze about the PMP6 is here

PMP Exam in relation to PMBOK Guide Changes

We are only in January 2017, the PMBOK® Guide sixth edition is not even out yet, and we are starting to hear about PMP6. Obviously, there is no such a thing as PMP6 – the PMP is the PMP. However, people use this term, PMP6, to refer to the updated exam that will be based on the 6th edition of the guide. Continue reading

Memorization can make a PMP but a lousy PM

Although project management is one of my passions and I have been in this domain close to 30 years; every once in a while I run into something online that make me say what the heck; how badly did PMI degrade project management.

What is see often on online groups, make titles like ‪#‎PMP‬ for ‪#‎Dummies‬ sound like an advance topic.

I have seen the ads for Mastering Project Management in 5 days. I have seen ads inviting people to memorize the ITTO (Inputs – Tools & Techniques – Outputs). I have seen the illegal copies of books online. I have also seen people posting questions online using resources that are out of date. I do not know what else is out there.

Today – I ran into 8 or 10 minute video showing people how to memorize the process groups and 47 processes. The video offers tricks and using things like DDMMCDXXX to memorize some of these things. Using another verbal trick to memorize the process groups. I have no problem using tricks to remember things; it can be a good approach for some. However, if a PMP aspirant need a trick like “… Melvyn Cries Continuously” to memorize the process groups – did blow my roof today.

Again – I am not against memorizing tricks for names or other things – but for the basics?

If project managers do not understand that:

  1. Before they do the project work they must have a plan (Planning) >>>> and
  2. Before the plan they need to have authorization (Initiating) >>>>
  3. If they do not know that when they are DOING work (Executing) they need
  4. To keep their eyes on the goal (Monitoring) and
  5. Adjusting when necessary (Controlling) >>>> and
  6. Finally when done to close the project (or phase) (Closing) >>>>>

If they have to memorize the above, then how could those people be certified #PMP?

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How to sustain and grow project management?


Project Management is a profession!

No,  it is not!

The PMBOK Guide is the best practice!

No,  it is not!

The PMI Methodology!

PMI does not have a methodology! Continue reading

A challenge to PM professional associations, professionals, and executives

The Title

Why a “challenge to professional associations” in the title?

Because we want:

  • to challenge these professional associations, and
  • challenge the professionals in project management, and
  • challenge executives with roles influencing project management practices in their organizations … Continue reading

What are the common issues with the PMP certification?

In the last article we posted in response to a blog on “Take The PMP Exam Now Before It Gets Harder“ and we offered our professional opinion on what is wrong with such titles. Based on what triggered that article and other issues we observe, we decided to re-blog some old articles that we had published on project management certification, particularly, the PMP. We will also post on project management training providers and the “business” of not-for-profit.

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Playing games with the PMP Certification

I am writing this blog as a follow-up to a few articles I wrote on the PMP exam. I was also incited to write today by a recent post on the LinkedIn and Facebook pages of a PMI chapter. This PMI chapter is just sharing a blog from another organization under the title: “Take The PMP Exam Now Before It Gets Harder“.

Today’s post is a long article. I could not split into two posts … hope you understand and read to the end.

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