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IMHO, Ajam Thoughts, PMBOK or PMBOK Guide? مع تسجيل عربي

We often see posts, even from PMI chapters and Registered Education Providers that use the term PMBOK, instead of PMBOK Guide. Is there a difference and if yes, what is the difference Think about it then listen to our video.

Video Related to the Subject

من الشائع ان نرى مقالات او رسائل عبر وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي تستعمل تعبير PMBOK وليس PMBOK Guide. هل من فرق بين التعبيرين وايهما الاصح – او صحيح؟

فكر بالموضوع قبل الاستماع الى الفيديو.

فيديو بالعربي عن موضوع المقال


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What are SUKAD contribution to project management?

This post is part of our outreach and a bit of promotion. Today, we present our knowledge sharing initiatives and activities. Continue reading

IMHO, Ajam Thoughts, CAMMP™ Phases

In the previous video, we discussed the concept of project phases and stages in a generic context. In this video, we focus on the SUKAD Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects and its three phases.

IMHO, Ajam Thoughts, Project Success

In the past, we did write articles about project success and the SUKAD Four Dimensions of Project Success. Today, we share a video.

Click on the image to view the video.

IMHO, Ajam’s PM Thoughts, Video Series

Starting with the next post, we will be posting a series under the label IMHO, Ajam’s PM Thoughts.

IMHO, Ajam’s PM Thoughts

  1. IMHO = In my humble opinion.
  2. These will be videos, recorded casually and without a script.
  3. Some topics will be educational
  4. Others will be to raise awareness about a certain concept or association or …
  5. Others might be critique and maybe controversial
  6. Many videos will be in English and Arabic and will post both

We will not post any text – just links to the videos on the SUKAD YouTube Channel.