Can you take a LEAP into the future?

This blog post is different from our normal posts – it is not directly about project management but it is about an initiative that SUKAD is launching as a community development initiative. At this time, this is initiative is geographically limited to Lebanon but will expand into the future. We share here to seek the support of the professional community.

SUKAD is supporting the launch of a not for profit organization that uses project management as an essential components of our future works and where we will help students learn project management and leadership skills and apply them on community projects!


  • Can we – together – Learn, Engage, Apply, and Perform as neighbors, friends, who cares for our community, our well-being, our empowerment, to lead a better life?
  • What can we do to change our current reality that is pushing our youth to migrate and be demotivated?
  • What can we do and use our collective energy toward a desired outcome full of opportunities?
  • Can we all seek out to motivate each other to enable our creativity and drive toward innovative solutions that would give us a place that will give us a sense of belonging?
  • Can we build people and communities instead of empty houses?
  • Are we willing to sacrifice a day on the beach or hours away from Facebook to work together on delivering life projects?

LEAP: Learn, Engage, Apply, Perform

  • Are we willing to LEARN leadership and life skills to empower us and make us valuable to our society?
  • Are we willing to ENGAGE with all aspects and sectors of our communities to break the barriers created by politics and sectarianism?
  • Can we APPLY on what we learn from our engagements with our communities to deliver projects for our generation and the generations to come?
  • Can we PERFORM and seek excellence in serving our brothers and sisters?

We need to change –

We need to stop blaming all others but ignore looking at ourselves and what we can do. Change must start within – change the heart and mind – accept others – have tolerance – CARE! Accept that regardless of who we are we can IMPOSE change to the society at large – one person at a time, one family at a time, one village at a time, and world – here we come!

Join us as we start the building process.

  • Building Al-Insan
  • Building Al-Mujtama
  • Building a Nation

Building, learning, engaging, applying, and performing … takes courage and wisdom; do you have what it takes?

How can you be involved?

If you are in Lebanon

We are working on an initiative to have a camp this summer (post Ramadan) for 7 days.

  • The camp will be open to all community members regardless of party or religious affiliations
  • The camp will be for high school (last year students), college students, and young graduates
  • The camp will focus primarily on: (1) project management and leadership training, (2) applying the learning on community projects, and (3) other educational activities and fun events in evenings
  • We are looking for having between 20 and 40 young people in the camp
  • We are looking for about 5 to 10 people now that works with me and another team member on finalizing the plan and preparing for the camp (we already have the concept and plan written and will be happy to share with those who are interested)
  • We will have the team identify sponsors for this event – sponsorship maybe cash or services (like food, transportation, etc.)
  • The camp will be in Al-Koura, North Lebanon, so the first camp will focus on Al-Koura’s projects although a few participants can be from outside Al-Koura
  • The idea of the camp is that the participants will be grouped in teams and each team will work on a community project – this could be a social project, sport project, library,environmental, development, agricultural, or any other project the participants will find interesting and willing to work on
  • During the camp, the teams will develop the plans; under the guidance of a project management subject matter expert
  • Post camp, the teams will work on implementing their plans with coaching and support from us.
  • Funding for the projects will have to be sourced on a case by case basis

If you have suggestions for improvement, or interest in supporting, participating, sponsoring, or even be involved in the camp leadership – we love to hear from you. Please write a separate email to

At this time we do not have a separate website or independent email but we will this summer but we have a Facebook page

If you are not in Lebanon

Even if you are not in Lebanon, you can support this initiative. At least share this post, like the Facebook page, share the page. If you have done something similar we would love to hear from you. If you can support through other means – let us know.

Thank you