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Mounir Ajam is eager to awaken the giant of project management within individuals, organizations, and nations! Mounir is a project management author, executive, consultant, and social entrepreneur. Mounir is open to further learning and knowledge sharing.He has global experience working on projects in the United States, Europe, South East Asia, West Asia, and Africa. He has been privileged to work on multiple small projects and mega projects.

Tailoring Project Management Methods to include in the Organizational Project Management System

What is required to develop tailored project management methods?

The PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition, emphasizes tailoring. However, what is required to develop tailored project management methods? What is a Project Management Method?

The SUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects, include CAMMP™, The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™. Notice the words customizable and adaptable, which is part of tailoring. Then, once again, what would be required to develop tailored project management methods? Continue reading

How about a sneak peek into our applied PMBOK Guide course?

As we continue to work on our next online adventure, How to apply the PMBOK(r) Guide in the real world, we decided to give you a glimpse, a sneak peek into what is coming and in applying the PMBOK Guide.

Applying the PMBOK Guide

Applying the PMBOK Guide

Here we share a part of Learning Goal 4. We are sharing three learning missions, including one on tailoring. Click on the image to access, you will need to register on the PM Quest site. You can claim 2 PDU for completing this Sneak Peek.

We believe that our approach in this online course will challenge the thinking of many professionals and PMPs. What we include in this sneak peek, is an example of our approach, including a substantial discussion on tailoring and some of the common misunderstandings on tailoring.

By the way, the information that we present includes a blend of text, images, audio messages, and videos.


Is there more than one type of changes on projects?

On a Project Management website, a member asked this question: “In case of project scope change, is there a need to revise Project charter?” To answer this question properly, one needs to understand (1) the difference between product scope and project scope, and (2) the different types of changes that could happen on a project. Continue reading

Debunking the myths about Agile Project Management

Let us talk about agile, and Agile, in the project management world. This is a series of short videos about Debunking the myths about Agile Project Management. At this time, we have ten videos, and we will add them to this post, as we go live with them. Continue reading

How to build and sustain the organizational project management system?

In this post, I am sharing another video from the Applied Project Management by SUKAD YouTube channel. This video is also from the first project management forum organized in Dubai; the Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF).

Organizational Project Management

The video is about OPM, Organizational Project Management. It is a 3-hour workshop that presents The SUKAD Way™ for Managing Projects approach for building and sustaining the OPM System. We follow a model called The Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™ that we developed in SUKAD in 2010.

Click on the picture to access the video and keep in mind, it is 3-hour but you can claim 3 PDU for it if you a PMI certificate holder.

How to build the organizational project management system | Applied Project ManagementEnjoy

Do organizations need a PMO or a project management department?

In this post, I am sharing a video from the Applied Project Management by SUKAD YouTube channel. This video is from the first project management forum organized in Dubai; the Dubai International Project Management Forum (DIPMF).

The video is about PMO, Project Management Office and makes the case to elevate the status of PMO and Project Management in organizations from an “office” to a formal “department”. In other words, is there a need to transform from PMO to project management department?

The video is via this link. It is 27 minutes but because it was a live event; the sound quality is not best.


Do you want to earn 4 PDU for nada dinero?

In this post, I am sharing a playlist on our Applied Project Management by SUKAD YouTube channel. This playlist is about PMO, OPM, and related topics and includes a session recorded in a workshop a few years back. If you watch the whole thing, you should be able to claim 4 PDU with PMI.

The Playlist is via this link.

Via this link, you can access the home page of the channel and would love for you to join us by subscribing. If you like what we offer, we would be grateful if you share!

The current dire straits of Project Management

This article was also published on LinkedIn

A good friend and global virtual colleague, Mr. Neville Goedhals, has suggested this post and even provided the title. Initially, he suggested a title like “Become a highly paid professional in 35 hours”, just for fun but settled on “The current dire straits of Project Management”, to be more serious. You can refer to Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile for more information. Continue reading

Applied project management and project-based learning (PM4Y-03)

Subscribe TodayHow to apply project management in the real world? In an earlier article, we discussed applied project management, project-based learning, and project management for youth, which established the context. With this article, we continue with the context and establish the background for the case study.

Continue reading