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Three reasons that explain the success of PMP

This is an article by a guest author! We publish here to allow a diversity of opinions and contributions from professionals around the world. Publishing an article – represent the opinion of the author and not necessarily SUKAD. In some cases we might even have a different view than the article published and in those cases we will publish our opinion as a comment.

I would like to show in this article some reasons, in my opinion, for which PMP is considered a world reference in project management. Continue reading

How technology can simplify a project manager’s work life

This article is by Guest Author, Ms. Gloria Lorenzi … refer to end of the article for a short bio. This article reflects the opinion of the guest author and SUKAD is publishing this article as is – without editing or endorsement since we see value for our readers.

As a project manager, do you often find yourself struggling to keep track of all the loose ends of your team? Project management is a very difficult job because it requires a unique set of skills as well as the ability to keep everything straight. But fortunately, your mobile phones can help you with the organizing and help you work smarter and more efficiently. Here are our top picks for apps that will make project managers’ life a whole lot easier. Continue reading

What “hats” to wear?


This article is by a Guest Author, Mr. Theofanis Giotis, a friend, partner, and project management leader!

During all Project Management related conversations, workshops and trainings, a single question is always asked: “How do we organize the team members? What roles do we assign to them?” Continue reading

The Case for a Performance Management Knowledge Area

This article is a follow up to our series on the PMBOK Guide and is for a colleague that we have met many years ago at a PMI Congress. Mr. Crispin (“Kik”) Piney. His bio is at the end of this post. We are honored to have Mr. Piney as a guest author on our blog. We publish it without any editing and as provided by Mr. Piney. Continue reading