Announcement: a new project management eBook

As we said before, we have usually kept this blog site for project management and related articles only and not to use it for any announcement except where there is value to the community or news of high importance.

The Original Work

The Inheritance, a story about friendship, community, and project managementIn this case – we are using this to announce the launch of an eBook on project management.This eBook is derived from our first book The Inheritance, a story about friendship, community, and project management.

The Inheritance explains a project management methodology that we developed in SUKAD, the Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects. To explain this approach, we do so through a story telling style mixing reality with fiction.

If you like to purchase this book, you can do so by contacting SUKAD or from or

The New Work

The new eBook is Project Management for the Accidental Project Manager. You can download a copy (at no charge) through our Project Management Knowledge Portal or this link: This project management content of this eBook is extracted from the Inheritance — we only kept the dialogues but removed the story sections.

The reason for the use of “accidental project manager” in the title is because we wrote this book for those who have no experience in project management. In the book, an accountant who wanted to establish a not for profit organization, which will build a community center. The accountant friend is an expert project manager and throughout the book she is coaching him on how to take his project (a social entrepreneurship project) from idea to closure.

If you like to read more about the concept of the accidental project manager, please refer to past articles by the author on this blog … the first article was published in September of last year.

Future Books

The above books we wrote for new comers to project management – those with no experience, although experienced professionals will also enjoy and learn from them. However, for those who want more in depth learning about project management and the methodology, including those experienced project managers and project management professionals, we will have upcoming work for them.

Within the next two to three months, we will be a publishing a series of four eBooks that would be appropriate for this audience. The great news is all of these eBooks will be available at no charge.

Other References

In addition to the published work, we will continue to add content to the Project Management Knowledge Portal by SUKAD, at this time available for registered users. Some of the content is related to the methodology including templates, presentations, case studies …


SUKAD offers courses on the PMBOK, CAM2P Model, PRINCE2, Capital Projects, PMO, Case Studies, Risk Management, Project Success. We offer our programs for the public in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Lebanon or for private clients wherever they are.
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