What are the Ajam Acid Interview Questions in Project Management?

I was going to post these interview questions one by one, and I did post two or three on LinkedIn before but let me post all of them today. So, what are the Ajam Acid Interview Questions in Project Management? 

Who is this post for?

This post is for any professional or manager in Human Resources, Recruitment, Training, or Learning and development departments, which you can use in these conditions:

(1) In your recruitment of project managers, or

(2) When hiring a project management training provider,

If you want the answers, so you can use them, let me know and I will share.

Are these advanced topics?

Yes and No. I would expect any project manager with decent experience or any professional with a PM Certification to know the answers, to most of these questions, without Google or Wikipedia search! A couple of questions could be challenging and even experienced professionals will struggle with them.

Why this expectation? Because most of these should be PM 101.

The Ajam Acid Interview Questions in Project Management

What are the Ajam Acid Interview Questions for project management?

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1. Please explain to me the project life cycle of a project.

2. What does it mean to have an SPI = 1.0?

3. Which the least risky type of contracts?

4. What does it indicate about project health if CPI = 1.0?

5. How many charters are there along the project life cycle?

6. What is the best approach to developing tailored methods for an organization?

7. Is the PMBOK Guide or ISO 21500 enough to manage projects?

8. (a new addition), Can you please explain to me what Agile Project Management is?

9. (also a new addition) How to use the agile methodology to manage a project, concept-to-closure?

10. What would be the process to control the project team?

Of course, some of the above questions are open-ended and there is no fixed answer. A good interviewer will watch for the body language and signs whether the person is reciting a poem from memory or explain based on ‘know-how’; i.e. experience. Also, a candidate answer could lead to more questions.